Milkshake with Oreo| How to make Oreo shake

Super yummy Oreo Shake |Milkshake with Oreo| How to make Oreo milkshake


Milkshake with Oreo| How to make Oreo milkshake recipe

6 Oreo biscuit (or any other chocolate sandwich biscuit)

2 scoop vanilla ice cream

2 glass milk

sugar 2 tbsp.

whipped cream (optional)

chocolate syrup

These ingredients list is just for two glass of milkshake or served only two persons.


Step 1

To make Oreo milkshake firstly blend ice-cream, milk, sugar and Oreo in a blender until it smooth.

step 2

Take a glass and drizzle it with chocolate syrup then add shake in it. Completely optional but if you really love vanilla flavor, you can add 1 Teaspoon of vanilla extract to this recipe.  If you are a major chocolate fiend then you can use chocolate ice cream, or add chocolate syrup into the mix or pour whipped cream onto it and sprinkle some crushed Oreo biscuit on to the milkshake so it looks good and yummy and the super yummy milkshake is ready to drink. This drink is for adults and children both. You can double the recipe for four people, or cut in half if you just want to make an Oreo milkshake for one

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