How to Overcome Depression |causes, treatment of Depression

What is Depression

How to Overcome Depression, Depression is a very common illness and it is said that 10 to 15% of people suffer from it at some point. In depression, the patients heart begins to feel sad even if something good happened in life it still hurts. Depression is a common but serious disease that affects the mind, thoughts and behavior. The most common cause of stress is a mixture of Current events and other personal or long-term problems, rather than immediate conditions.

It causes serious symptoms that affect your well-being, thinking and daily activities. Depression are bad for your heart and Although affects a person emotionally. The Depression also has the power to affect body structure and other mental illnesses are on the rise worldwide. Depression is one of the most debilitating mental illnesses, between 70% and 80% of people who respond to depression treatment end up doing well. Depressed people are not interested in everything like sports, and reduced the interaction with the people.

How to Overcome Depression |causes, treatment of Depression
How to Overcome Depression |causes, treatment of Depression

7 major causes of depression:

1. As you get older, The risk of depression increases with age.
2. Death of any relative, After losing a loved one, we experienced depression.
3. Sexual harassment, or psychological abuse can be causes of depression
4. The problem of your relationship is the same as your marriage.
5. Depression in people can be the result of personal conflicts.
6. Taking too much medication can make you upset and cause depressive symptoms.

Negative effect of depression in human behavior

1. Due to depression you may face sleeping problems such as insomnia.
2. Some time depression is so severe that people think of committing suicide.
3. Stress causes headaches, That make a person mentally ill.
4. People with depression often start taking drugs slowly to get relief so how to get relief of smoking.
5. Depression often drives people crazy.
6. Depressed patients are always in a state of fear and have different thoughts in their minds.

How to overcome depression

Many people think that this problem can be solved by loving communication and helping others, but this is also true to some extent. If the problem is small then the environment and people can be solve the problem. If the disease has become more serious, it has reached a dangerous level Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

Some biopsychosocial models says that depression has some biological causes and some social causes all of these together cause depression. Biological causes means there are many chemicals and transmitters inside the brain. Many time their deficiency leads to depression. Social causes means in addition, there are some social reasons such as domestic fights, quarrels, troubles in business. Because of them we can also suffer from depression. If some of your relatives suffering, so bring him to the doctor as soon as possible because how earlier the treatment of depression starts the patient will recover soon.

Medication is only way to treat the deficiency the chemicals in brain. Social counselling Section are held to overcome the social causes of depression called psychotherapy sessions. Depression are treated much easier with combining both counselling and medication. But some people has afraid to take medication that it may cause some side effect or they have to take these medicines for life time. Due to this fear people waste much time and the depression get more sever. If the treatment starts at right time so medicines may have more effects and have more recovery chances. But still this treatment have some side effects such as stomach irritation and excessive sleepiness. But all these side effect can be treated easily.

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