Roast turkey with chestnut stuffing and bread sauce recipe

Roast turkey with chestnut stuffing and bread sauce recipe is delicious recipe. It is traditional roast turkey recipe and Here is a complete detail that how to cook Roast turkey with chestnut stuffing and bread sauce recipe.

COOKING TIME: ABOUT 90 minutes, plus standing
MICROWAVE SETTING: Maximum (full); then Medium Low (35%)


Bacon rashers, rinded and diced2
Butter or margarine25g (1 oz)
Unsweetened chestnut225g(8 oz)
Fresh white breadcrumbs75g(3 oz)
Chopped fresh parsley1 tbsp.
Grated rind lemon1
Saltas per taste
Freshly ground black pepperas per taste
Beaten egg1
Fresh or thawed oven-ready turkey, weight excluding giblets8lb
Vegetable oil1 tablespoon
Paprika1 tablespoon
Corn flour1 tablespoon
Cold water2-3 tablespoon
Watercress sprigs, to garnishas per taste
Bacon rolls (optional), to serveas per taste

Recipe of Roast turkey with chestnut stuffing:

To thaw frozen turkey, allow about 10 minutes per 450g (1 lb) on Medium Low (35%), follow each microwave time with an equivalent rest period. when half-thawed, complete the defrosting in the lower part of the refrigerator well away from any other meats.
Giblets should be removed as soon as it is possible to loosen them from the cavity and all metal clips must be cut away before the bird is put into the microwave oven. frozen turkey may be left in the plastic package (which should be slit underneath) standing in a shallow dish, in order to catch the juices.
Only the neck end of poultry should be stuffed but extra cooking time given if you prefer to use a sausage meat stuffing.
If more convenient, the turkey can be cooked in the conventional oven on 190°C/375°f/Gas Mark 5 for 3 hours 40 minutes or you can cook it in the microwave oven for three-quarters of the cooking time and then transfer to the conventional oven for 1-1 1/2 hours to complete cooking.


  • To make the stuffing, put the bacon in a 2 liter bowl and cook for 1 minute, Stir in the butter, then mix in all the remaining stuffing ingredients.
  • Press the stuffing into the neck end of the turkey, then fold over the flap and secure firmly with wooden cocktail sticks by putting the wings over the flap to hold it in place. Tie the legs together with string, Do not use metal skewers.
  • Put the turkey, breast-side down, on to the largest shallow dish that will fit into the microwave oven But Cover with a large roasting bags slit lengthways and tucked under the sides of the dish to prevent the bag from blowing about.
  • Cook for 35 minutes on Maximum (Full), then leave the turkey to stand for 30 minutes. Provides the microwave oven is not required for anything else, it is hygienic to leave the turkey in the cavity during this time.
  • Carefully pull back the roaster bag covering on one side so if possible spoon away any accumulated juices and reserve for use in gravy.
  • Turn the turkey over and rub the breast with oil, paprika, salt and pepper however shield any cooked parts with small pieces of foil, wrapping it firmly around the wing tips and legs, making sure that the foil is absolutely flat and does not protrude beyond the dish, where it might touch the metal sided or top of the microwave oven, Replace the roaster bag covering and cook for 25 minutes.
  • Remove any foil shielding, reduced the power to Medium Low (35%) and cook for 20-30 minutes or until the turkey is thoroughly cooked.
Tip( when a thermometer inserted between the leg and the side or in the thickest part of the breast registers 85°C/185°F, or the juices run clear when the skin around the side is served with a sharp knife )
  • Transfer the turkey to a hot serving dish and tent completely with foil or put into a hot conventional oven and Spoon away the fat from the dish and add the reserved juices, Blend the corn flour with the water and mix into the juices, Put the dish in the microwave oven and cook on Maximum (Full) for about 3 minutes until the gravy thickens. Stir occasionally during cooking, To serve, garnish the turkey with watercress sprigs and serve with bacon rolls, if liked.

COOKING TIME: ABOUT 7 minutes, plus standing

bay leaves3
medium onion, peeled and sliced1
blade of mace1
fresh breadcrumbs75g (3 oz)
saltas per taste
butter or margarine25g (1 oz)


  1. 1. Crumble one of the best bay leaves then Combine the milk, onion, mace, crumbled bay leaf, cloves and peppercorns in a 2 litter lipped bowl and Cook for 4 minutes or until the milk is streaming, Cover and leave at room temperature for 30 minutes.
  2. 2. Put the breadcrumbs in to another similar sized blow and strain in the infused milk, Add salt to taste, stir and cook for 2 minutes. Stir, then cook for a further 1 minutes or until the breadcrumbs are well absorbed and the sauce is thick and soft, Stir in the butter or margarine, Garnish with the remaining bay leaves.

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