How To Create Linkable Assets In 6 Easy Steps

In this blog, I’m gonna be showing you how to create linkable content assets that attract backlinks like crazy. These are the same techniques I use on my own blog which attracts hundreds of links per month naturally, and I’m going to show you how to do this using minimal effort. But real quick professional cv writing service in london going to ask you to apply minimal effort to smashing that like button so I can apply maximum effort in creating blogs like these.

Types Of Content Pieces That Work Best

There’s various types of content pieces that work best as linkable assets. Research studies and statistics pieces do particularly well. Ahrefs ran a case study where they built an SEO statistics page, then ran ads to it and it’s still pulling links like crazy even without the ads. Why does this work? Because people need to reference statistics when they’re writing research content. Typically when people reference, they link. Free tools are great as well.

Hubspot Made An Online Calculator For Advertising

HubSpot made an online calculator for advertising ROI based on some super simple math and it’s pulled a buttload of referring domains. Blogs, like the one you’re watching right now, can be repurposed and made into a content version and then the blog can be embedded on that content page which does a great job for pulling links as well.

Pull Links

Then we have Roundups, articles like the top 100 restaurants in Los Angeles are gonna pull links not only from the restaurants on these lists themselves but also the fans of these restaurants. We did an expert Roundup asking 30 SEO’s their secrets to link building, and it’s pulled 26 links. You ever read a definitive guide to fill in the blank? These are great for pulling links as well.

Search Volume For Anchor Text Optimization

There’s hardly any search volume for anchor text optimization but I made a definitive guide anyways and it’s pulled massive links. If you’re an SEO, you probably heard of Brian Dean’s Skyscraper link building technique. When you coin a turn like this and someone else references this particular term, technique, whatever it is and their content, it’s only natural that they would link back to the original source in order to give it credit and explain more about it.

Link-Building Technique

That’s what they do with Brian Dean’s Skyscraper link-building technique a lot. Now that you understand what types of linkable assets can be created, here’s a framework on how to actually get them created. Step one, know your audience. What are their likes and dislikes? SEO is like data, reports, and guides. So that’s what I create. But people into fitness like hot bodies so I’d probably create something that helps them achieve that, like a fitness calculator or maybe something that helps them get motivated like a roundup of the hottest and most fit people of the year.

Reverse Engineering Your Competition

Step two, figure out what’s already working by reverse engineering your competition. If blogs are working, make a blog. If free tools are working, make a free tool. Step three, start to collect data. And make sure you’re getting your data from multiple sources of information. It helps with credibility and of course linkability. Step four, make it look beautiful. Trust me on this one, looks matter when it comes to linkable assets. Step five, share it.

Share On Social Media

Post on your website, share it on social media, email it out to your list and outreach telling other people about your great piece. Step six, rinse and repeat. Every once in a while go back to your data, refresh it, and start that promo all the way over again. Linkable assets can indeed be evergreen if you set up a process and stick to it.

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