7 Ayurvedic tips to keep lungs healthy

7 Ayurvedic tips to keep lungs healthy

7 Ayurvedic Treatments To Help Keep Your Lungs Healthy

Air pollution is a threat to people of all ages and genders. Even those who are healthy, causing various respiratory illnesses. Ayurvedic treatments can aid in keeping your lungs in good health.

Due to their greater vulnerability, people of all ages are at a higher risk. When people suffering from lung like asthma or emphysema. COPD are harmed more by pollutant levels, healthy individuals must be aware of their surroundings and protected.

Who Is At Risk Of Health Problems Caused By Pollution?

The factors that increase the risk of respiratory illnesses that result from pollutant include smoking cigarettes. Indoor pollution (caused by toxic substances, inadequate ventilation, high temperatures, and humidity), outside pollution, allergens, and occupational hazards such as air pollution. Heart disease sufferers, those with coronary artery disease, or congestive cardiac collapse are at risk, in addition to those suffering from lung disease. In addition, pregnant women, outdoor workers, kids who spend a lot of time playing, the geriatric population, and those who play outdoor sports are also at risk.

Air Pollution Can Cause Harm To The Environment.

The symptoms that are a warning sign depend on the person’s overall health, the nature of the pollutant and its intensity, and the time frame of exposure to air pollution. Air pollution levels that are high may cause health issues that have lasting effects, such as worsened respiratory and cardiovascular diseases as well as increased pressure on the heart and lungs, damaged cells of the respiratory tract, faster ageing of the lungs, as well as the loss of lung function and a shorter duration of life.

Common Ailments And Health Issues Are Caused By Pollution.

Respiratory Problems And Lung Disease.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma can both be brought on by increasing air pollution levels. In many Indian cities, pollutant levels are the most significant cause of breathing problems for children and the elderly.

Lung Cancer

Although lung cancer was initially connected to those who smoke heavily, experts from the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology and Information USA) suggest that the air quality in indoor areas could also cause cancer. Formaldehyde used to clean furniture and other appliances in the home may cause poisoning and long-term illness that has more intense levels and can be carcinogenic.

Problems With The Cardiovascular System

Exposure to polluted air for long periods could increase the risk of developing heart disease. Heart issues may result from the mixing of toxic air pollutants like ozone, nitrogen dioxide, and carbon monoxide in the bloodstream. Particulate matter is another pollutant that has a significant impact on the cardiovascular system as well as the nervous system.

In Newborns, Weak Immunity

Air pollution in the indoor environment can negatively impact the health of pregnant women. The baby may be afflicted by a flawed immune system and could suffer from lung illness at birth. Air pollution also injures newborns because they use more air in their development.

A Shorter Lifespan

Air pollution can affect overall health and well-being. Numerous studies indicate that the life span of someone living in polluted cities is around three years shorter than those living in a more clean urban or rural setting.

The Contribution Of Ayurveda To Health Care In The Fight Against Air Pollution

Inhaling toxic air leads to an imbalance in the three energy sources, or the fundamental principles that govern the body’s functions. This can cause respiratory problems and may harm the health of your heart. As per the Ayurveda Clinic in Chandigarh, the next Ayurvedic treatments could help reduce the adverse effects of air pollution.

Nasya Karma

This treatment involves the implantation of medicated drops in the nostrils to prevent diseases caused by air pollution. This should be performed daily under the direction of a physician and in small doses at bedtime and after waking up in the early morning. This aids in flushing pollutants out of the nasal passage and prevents pollutants from entering the nasal path. The diffusion of drops of almond oil or ghee could also be beneficial.

Oil Pulling/Gandusha Karma

Healthy people are able to breathe through either their mouths or noses, or both. The nose is an effective filtering mechanism that stops pollutants from entering the body. However, for mouth-breathers, the oil-pulling treatment provides the protection needed to prevent the ingress of pollutants through the mouth. The treatment involves putting medicated oil in the mouth for about 10-15 minutes and then flushing it out. It removes harmful bacteria and strengthens the mucous layer of the mouth, allowing it to fight allergens in the air.

Exercises For Breathing:

Breathing techniques such as pranayama, the Kapal Bhati method, etc., can be very beneficial in cleansing the airways and reducing the negative impacts of pollution.


It aids in improving blood circulation and flushing out contaminants that have entered the bloodstream through various methods like inhalation and skin. Regular Abhyanga using sesame oil or other therapeutic oil cooked in herbs boosts the body’s immune system and   the body energized.


It is a method used to generate sweat. The sweating caused by the steaming of medicinal herbs is used to melt and liquefy adhering doshas (toxins) and then efficiently eliminate these toxins, thereby eliminating them from the body. A facial steam is also utilized by adding eucalyptus oil and oils of tea trees, as well as caraway root, to clean and stimulate the nasal barrier to eliminate contaminants.


It cleanses the skin, and bathing in medicated water aids in flushing out any toxins on the mucous membrane of the skin.

Diet And Herbs

You should use freshly cooked, warm food items. Dietary options include things like ginger and carom seeds. Tulsi, Pippali, Triphala, as well as others, are all good options to improve the respiratory and immune systems regularly.


Ayurveda is the most secure method to treat any disease since it relies on natural ingredients for treatments. It benefits patients and the fitness-minded who want to stay healthy for a long time.

The Ayurveda Clinic, located in Chandigarh, offers all the information about treatments, precautions, and how to utilize the remedies. Visit them every time before beginning the treatment with Ayurveda for your issue. They will inform you when they find any difficulties.

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