Top 10 part-time jobs for security guards in Mumbai

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While being a security guard does not often make a lot of money, it is a low-stress career with a decent work-life balance that takes little training to get started. Because of the flexible hours, you can find good part-time jobs for security jobs in Mumbai to gain extra experience and use their time to learn something new. When considering a career in security, if you are looking for a meaningful profession with a range of work prospects, Whether you want to work on a security network or defend people from har, this profession has many types of jobs with varying wage levels. Here are some of the top 10 part-time jobs for security guards in Mumbai.

Top 10 Part time jobs for security guards in Mumbai


A security screener is in charge of observing and screening passengers for safety and security reasons, verifying that they have proper baggage, objects, and material onboard. Screeners are frequently employed at airports, shopping malls, and other public instruction. If you are a security guard with keen observation skills, you can find good part-time jobs for security guards in Mumbai as a security screening officer. 

Surveillance Officer

This job opportunity is a good way of finding part-time jobs for security guards in Mumbai. Surveillance officer protects people and property against criminal behavior. They patrol the area where they are stationed and watch for unusual conduct. Surveillance officers are also responsible for doing security checks, writing reports based on their observations, and monitoring all alarms and surveillance tapes. 

Armed Security Guards

These part-time jobs for security guards in Mumbai are among the most well-paying jobs as Huge corporations and law enforcement usually hire armed security guards. Armed security guards defend intuitions and receive specialized training in handling and use of firearms. They keep an eye out for intruders and keep dangers to a minimum. They frequently join law enforcement to increase security. 

Surveillance Investigator

Surveillance investigators Boy with clients in secret to gather information about a person or a subject. Wiretaps, cameras, and other equipment are used to conduct background checks,  monitor, and detect fraud. Then, they directly report the information to the employers they have signed contracts with. 

Security Managers

Security managers oversee staff who develop and configure security measures and deal with high-level cybersecurity issues. Their responsibilities include hiring new security officers and guards, budget preparation and monitoring, and reviewing and installing security tools and technology. 

Security Officers

A security officer is an overall supervisor of a team of security guards. They frequently issue commands and supervise the guards’ work. In addition, because security officers typically have better experience and expertise, they are also responsible for teaching security cards about the work. You can find Remote jobs for security guards in Mumbai as security officers in banks and law enforcement.

Security Analyst

Security analysts usually safeguard the digital acquisitions of a corporation. They help to secure the network and prevent illegal access. Security analysts do security assessments, investigate security breaches and conduct internal and external security audits. They might also be responsible for developing training programs to educate personnel on relevant security practices. If you have a knack for technology, part-time jobs for security guards in Mumbai as a security analyst can be beneficial. 

Security Escort

Security escorts defend a single person or small group from harm. They ensure that these individuals or groups travel securely and arrive at their destination safely. If there are any non-cleared personnel, they are guided through a site by security escorts to ensure that secure areas are not compromised. Security escorts are often hired in law enforcement to provide security to lawyers, judges, or witnesses. 

Personal protection specialist

 Personal protection specialists work one-on-one with clients to provide security services. They follow and protect their clients by providing complete assurance, which includes activities like tracking phone calls and escorting them to appointments. They shield their clients from threats of violence, harassment, and potentially dangerous situations. Corporate companies usually hire personal protection specialists to protect their executives or higher-positioned employees. However, if you are a specialist then you can get a classroom rental Singapore services and start training the professionals and make money from them!

Patrol Officer

Patrol officers protect community order by enforcing various laws. They patrol an area to safeguard the community’s and its people’s safety. Officers on patrol can also investigate crimes and also help with traffic problems. You can find the best part-time jobs for security guards in Mumbai, as a lot of huge societies hire patrol officers. 

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