10 Myths and Facts About Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery in Jaipur

In Plastic surgery, the word ‘plastic’ has derived from the Greek word ‘plastikos’, meaning ‘to mould’. Plastic surgery is a surgical process that is use to mold or transform your look according to your demand and needs. It is believed that the process of plastic surgery was first carried out in 800 BC in India. Sushruta is considered the father of plastic surgeons who lived between 1000 to 800 BC.

The different types of plastic surgery involve hand surgery, burn repair surgery, scar revision surgery, facelift, liposuction, ear pinning, Blepharoplasty, Rhinoplasty, facial implant, Cheek augmentation, Lower body lift, etc. People undergo plastic surgery because of some trauma, accident, or maybe as per their other needs. Plastic surgery in Jaipur is practiced by the expertise of the department so while you are choosing your surgeon you must consult them face to face before undergoing the process of plastic surgery.

Like every other process, plastic surgery too has a lot of myths spread in the world but do you think that they are true? In this blog let’s figure out some of the common myths and facts related to plastic surgery that will surely help you to create a clear image of plastic surgery.

Myths About Plastic Surgery

The most common myths related to the process of plastic surgery in Jaipur are as follows-

•Plastic is use in the process of plastic surgery.

•These surgeries are not cover by health insurance.

•Plastic surgeries are visible and can be notice for life long.

•These surgeries are very expensive and ordinary people can not afford them.

•Plastic surgery stops you from aging.

•Plastic surgeries have long-term side effects and can be very harmful to you.

•You can suffer from breast cancer if you go through the process of breast implant.

•Only women undergo the process of plastic surgery in Jaipur.

•Plastic surgery can convert you into a completely different person.

•Plastic surgeries look completely fake.

Facts About Plastic Surgery

Here are some of the most interesting facts about plastic surgery that you must know-

•Plastic surgeries do not involve plastic in the process of surgery instead the word plastic here means ‘to mould’. So in simple words, plastic surgery moulds your look as per your requirement.

•Most of the plastic surgeries in Jaipur are cover by insurance. You must keep a check on this part before undergoing the surgery because every experience and the renowned plastic surgeon does follow this.

•Plastic surgeries are invisible with time, with the developing technologies you can experience plastic surgery that isn’t visible at all so stop worrying about your surgery being noticeable.

•Plastic surgery in Jaipur is affordable and almost 60% of the population that undergoes plastic surgery are ordinary people. Only the glamour of the word has made its image of being expensive but no, that’s not the reality.

•Plastic surgery can’t stop you from aging, it is just a surgical process that can transform your look and not make you look young for a lifetime.

• There are no long-term side effects of plastic surgeries. It is quite safe when you get it done by an experience plastic surgeon. So before you choose your surgeon, research him or her.

•Silicone implants do not cause breast cancer. Consult your doctor before you go through Plastic surgery in Jaipur. And consider the best one amongst all based on their qualifications, certification, experience, disciplinary history, and expertise.

•Not only women but men too undergo the process of plastic surgeries. Anyone who wishes to reconstruct or get cosmetic surgery can through the surgical process of plastic surgery, there’s no gender barrier in it.

•Plastic surgery in Jaipur can improvise your look as per your demand but it can’t change you completely because the process of plastic surgery involves transforming and molding you into your best version and not converting you into another person.

•Plastic surgery looks natural to the extent you want it, getting your look transform by forehead lifts, facelifts, or through any other surgery can only change your look but it won’t look that fake if you consult it with your doctor.

Bottom line

Plastic surgery is a surgical process that involves reconstruction, restoration, and other cosmetic surgeries. Plastic surgery in Jaipur can help you to mould your look and achieve the desired transformation. The different myths about plastic surgery have been very common but it is important to understand. That a myth is a myth and all that you should believe in are the facts. So before deciding on anything make proper research on it because your self-awareness and satisfaction play the most important role.

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