Complete Guide on Facebook video converter

Complete Guide on Facebook video converter

Hello all the FB fanatics! Facebook is a popular free social networking website that enables users to share information and photos and keep in touch with family and friends. Today we are here with some hot news for those who are crazy about FB all over the world. Facebook video converter is the most talked about technology revolution today. FDownloader gives a smile and happiness on your face. For more information, read the rest of the article. 

For starters, a better explanation of FDownloader

Have you ever tried to download videos directly from FB for so long? You may not be able to get such a facility from FB yet. Facebook does not allow users to download videos offline but now you guys can do it easily. With a Facebook video converter, you can download your most-loved videos directly from FB at lightning speed. Now you no longer save videos and watch them on FB. With this effective app, you can get your sweetest videos and images in high quality at a super fast speed. 

More interesting facts 

As luck would have it, this is a million-plus free app. So all FB fanatics can download their favorite videos without any expense. This program works on a very supportive frame so it is available 100% free online. Get treasured videos on smartphones with their compatibility through iOS, iPad, iPhone, and Android. FDownloader is compatible with any desktop including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Tablets. In fact, we can recommend this tool as a very easy-to-use tool. With this program, you can download videos using a simple one-click method in milliseconds.  

Let’s get our best-liked videos with a Facebook video converter

As we read before, now we can download our videos with this app in high quality. This tool supports any and all devices. And it can open from any web browser like,

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • CM
  • Dolphin
  • UC 

And etc. Facebook video converter online has a very simple, clear, and user-friendly interface. So users can easily use this tool without much technical knowledge. Facebook does not allow users to download videos offline and get them on the device’s memory card or hard disk. So you need a reliable third-party tool to go ahead. The best thing that makes us very happy is FDownloader’s easy support without the need for add-ons, extensions, installations, or subscriptions. Fortunately, we can get a smart app like this for as little as one in a million.

What is the accurate method to download this tiny app?

This is the most important part of this brief article. We hope this guideline is helping you to get this FB video converter easily and safely. Did you worry about a reliable way to get this tool? Don’t worry you are in the right place. Any users can download this app on our official website without any risk. Let’s see a clear step guide and we hope you can understand this guide easily. 

Step guide to download Facebook video converter for free 

 It is only a click away once you access this tool from the browser on a PC or mobile. Let’s see how to use Facebook video converter separately for PC and mobile.

For PC 

  1. Firstly, visit Facebook from the PC
  2. Search your favorite video from Facebook
  3. Select the video and copy the video link
  4. Now go to the video downloader from the browser and paste the copied URL into the input box
  5. Hit on the “DOWNLOAD BUTTON”
  6. Now you can see a preview of the video of which under you will see “Download SD Video” and “Other Formats” and the download option again
  7. In as little as a second, your file will download automatically
  8. Hit the right option and continue with the download

For mobile

  1. Open Facebook from the mobile app or browser
  2. Search your favorite video from Facebook
  3. Select the video; pick the option “share” from the right bottom
  4. Share to option and find the “copy link”

Three steps to download videos from Facebook

Following these simple three steps, you can download videos smoothly and lately with FDownloader. Okay, now I am introducing these steps,

  • Step 1 –  Choose your most-loved FB video

Go to FB and find your video. After copying the video URL. Now simply right-click on the selected video and copy the link. 

  • Step 2 – Paste video URL

Visit the tool online from your device and paste the link in the provided input area

  • Step 3 –  Go, download Facebook videos online

Simply click “Download” and wait for a second

Finish the article

With this amazing FDownloader, we can finalize our article very happily. If you choose a Facebook video converter, you can see dozens of features with your own eyes. We always stand up the side of this smart app, so if you have any doubt you can follow our official website. 

Finally, get this tool and share your feelings with your dear ones through the wonderful videos. 

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