How to Build a Fitness Journey Instagram


In the age of digital making a fitness plan on Instagram is an excellent method to stay engaged, track your progress, and connect with others in the community of fitness. Instagram is a popular platform for those looking to build strength, shed weight, modify their diet and feel encouraged while doing so.

If you’ve thought about beginning a la fitness journey of your own on We’ve got ideas on how you can begin, what you should think about, and the best way to grow your following.

First step: Make a brand new account to track your journey

If you do not yet have Instagram already, you’ll have to sign up. Many people prefer to have at least two Instagram accounts: one for everyday use as well as one to track their fitness online. For maximum engagement we suggest using a separate account to track your fitness progress.

The crowd of Instagrammers seeking to encourage and connect with other fitness-minded people could be more likely to follow an account dedicated to fitness. However, this does not mean that your account cannot feature a personal touch. Many well-known Instagrammers have posts on fitness with their family members, as well as eating healthy food with their friends. Some include pets in their posts!

Step 2: Your profile details matter

First impressions are crucial and you’ll want to optimize your profile with:

  • An attractive profile photo: Fitness instagramming is all about connecting with others and so ensure that your Instagram profile photo is clear. It is also possible to use an online platform for free like to create a unique “logo” for yourself.
  • Description of your profile: The description of your account is crucial. What are your goals for the next few years? What are your objectives? Where are you? Incorporating personal information in your profile will allow you to get in touch with a wider public.
  • Create a public account: To connect with the wider fitness community you must ensure that your account is open. This will enable you to appear in search results as well as hashtag groups.

Third step: Establish a foundation of images and videos

There’s no longer a time when you’d be judged for taking photos or videos of yourself working out. (Just ensure that you’re focused at your health first. Don’t compromise your health just to get an attractive picture!) Request your gym buddy to capture photos and videos of you from different angles. You can use these photos in your before-and-after pictures. Videos of you working out or testing new equipment will aid in tracking your performance. You could also take photos of your meals, your favorite protein powders as well as training sessions you have with your coach..

When you begin creating your social media following We recommend investing some time in adding high-quality images to your account. What is the best number to starting point? Twelve images and videos can give you four rows of images – however, the more you have the better. It is important for people to discover information when you start to establish your following. Aim for 16-24 photos for a solid collection.

When you upload photos or videos of yourself working out, encourage users to offer suggestions for your workout routine, variations that are available or professional suggestions. Inviting others Instagrammers to share their thoughts about your post. Thanks to people who have given you tips and ensure you mention @tag people whenever you respond to them.

Step 4 Invite your family members and friends to join your account.

Before you get involved in the fitness world, begin with your loved ones and your family. Share your new fitness profile on the accounts you have created for yourself on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Invite your family and your friends to follow on your journey to fitness. The encouragement they provide will keep you in the right direction.

Phase 5: Create an hashtag strategy

Fitness Instagram the world has become OBSESSED by hashtags. Explore the most popular fitness accounts you admire. Make an inventory of the hashtags they employ. Start by tagging your photo captions using these hashtags when they are relevant. (Pro Tips: Don’t use #healthyrecipe to tag a picture even if it does not have anything to have to do with food.) Use hashtags wisely. Have you already uploaded photos on your account? It’s not a problem. You can post a comment on your personal photo using the hashtags you’d like to utilize.

6. Follow a group of individuals (and organisations) that can inspire you.

This account is all about YOU. That’s why you should follow people who motivate and encourage you. Don’t follow a number of people with the desire of having more followers. The purpose of this is to meet people who have the same path like you. Look up hashtags, click on them and look through pictures or read about other stories and follow those who are inspiring to you. You can now follow hashtags that inspire you also. This ensures that you’ll see relevant and fresh accounts throughout the day long.

7th Step: Like and comment when you are inspired.

Are there people who’s fitness journey is similar to your own? Leave a comment on their photos to share your own experience or even words of praise. This is how you begin building your fan base. With sincere, thoughtful interactions with your fellow members of the community. Be your best self!

Step 8: Continue telling your story

The best method to increase your followers is to regularly post on your blog. It is recommended to post at least two times per week (but daily posting is best). If you post frequently, you’ll get more mentions in hashtag searches, and also on more timelines.

Be sure to post during the times that your engagement is the at its highest. Instead of posting several times throughout the day, think about saving an additional image for a future FlashbackFriday or #ThrowbackThursday. Make sure to remember that meal prep and snacks can be a good occasion to post. Instagram Stories are becoming more effective to encourage engagement. Include #hashtags in your posts. The greatest thing about stories is that they not bombard your readers by a flood of “feed spam”. You can add 5 or more photos and video to your account in one day. The best stories will be saved for the “featured stories” section.

Most important, be aware that this fitness journey is all about you. Every step you take towards making a healthier, happier you are a good step. Gaining followers isn’t an indicator of your success or your failure. Have fun and be proud of your own achievements!

Do you require help in your fitness journey? Our team of experienced personal trainers will offer you the information and tools that you need to meet those fitness objectives. (We can also hold your cameras for you.)

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