Make your drawing room stand out with these Stunning Pop Ceiling designs. 

A drawing room is a place in your home where you receive and entertain guests. The look of any room depends on the kind of interior you decide to go with. The look of your drawing room interior design must leave a lasting impression. You can give your drawing room’s interior design a good makeover with POP ceiling designs.  

Unlike your living room, your drawing room is a formal space where you can welcome guests. Installing a POP ceiling, a false ceiling in your drawing room can give your interior design a sophisticated facelift for the better. Like other house rooms, your drawing room interior design should also reflect your style and personality. 

In this blog, we will tell you about POP ceiling designs that you can try for your drawing room, but first, let us understand the basics, like what is precisely a POP ceiling.

drawing room interior design

What is a POP ceiling? 

POP, or Plaster of Paris, is a popular material for false ceilings, accent decors, and wall trims. POP is a white powder that sets quickly and is made of semi-dehydrated gypsum. This lightweight, heat-resistant material is mixed on-site and creates an eye-catching POP design for ceilings. 

Following are a few Pros and Cons of POP ceiling designs so that you are ready with a decision before giving your drawing room interior design a makeover. 


  • Light in weight and more durable 
  • It is resistant to fire 
  • POP gives a decorative interior finish. The gypsum content in it provides a lot of shine and smoothness. 
  • POP can be molded into any shape


  • P.O.P. and Cement do not mix well together
  • The maintenance can be an issue 
  • Heavy lighting or decor can damage the Ceiling design 
  • More expensive than Cement 

Now that you know the pros and cons of installing POP ceilings for your drawing room interior designs, let us look at the Ceiling designs you can go with 

1) Symmetric Masterpiece 

Nothing improves the appearance of your drawing room like some symmetry in your home decor. The symmetric POP design may add sophistication to your drawing room. Simple vertical and horizontal stripes in your living room pop design can be strategically used to provide some symmetrical balance to the ceiling of your drawing room interior design. Strip lights can be used below each symmetric POP panel to create a lovely drawing room. 

2) No need for a Separate Ceiling light 

Pop ceiling design makes it really easy to install cove lighting in the drawing room. When you fit lighting in the false ceilings, you don’t have to worry about the lighting on the walls. The POP ceiling designs with fitted lighting frames the drawing room and helps you in demarcating the space from other spaces in the house. 

3) Floral pattern for your drawing room POP Ceiling 

If you’re looking for delicate decorating ideas for your living room, a false ceiling decorated with Plaster of Paris flower castings may be just what you’re looking for. A Pop-down design for the drawing room in the shape of flower petals could be a lovely addition to your ceiling. Your family room can be made to shine with halogen spotlights embedded in each petal.

4) A hint of minimalism 

Few people realize the power that simple décor can have. If you prefer to keep your space uncomplicated and straightforward, go with a classic white simple pop design for a drawing room. Beautiful crown moldings and slightly projecting corners are required to embellish your living room beautifully. Choose an unusual white color, such as eggshell white or ivory, to add some interest.

5) Drawing room that gives you Disco vibes

The POP ceiling designs with bright lighting are perfect for hosting parties in your drawing room. The POP ceiling will also complete the look of your contemporary and extra spacious drawing room interior design. You can pair the plan with golden curtains, grey or any neutral color couch, and a hardwood floor. 

6) A grand POP ceiling for your drawing room 

If you’re looking for cutting-edge contemporary designs for your living room ceiling, nothing beats a black and latest plus minus pop design for the drawing room. Place panels of brilliant L.E.D. lights between the existing POP blocks to make your ceiling appear more attractive. This could give your home’s interior design a refined elegance.


A POP ceiling will add more style and balance to your drawing room interior design. It also lowers your energy bills which is the best thing you can ever ask for, considering the atmosphere we have today. Before you install a POP ceiling for your drawing room, talk to your interior designer about the approximate cost. Your interior design will also tell you what you need to keep in mind before installing the POP ceiling of your choice for your drawing room. To know more about the POP ceilings, visit Homechromosome’s official website. Homechromosome is an interior design company from Bangalore dedicated to creating the house of your dreams. You can consult an appointment through their website at

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