Get Spot-Less & Radiant Skin With The Ordinary Skincare Product

The Ordinary – 100% L-Ascorbic Acid Powder

This article is all about letting you guys know about the benefits of using The Ordinary skincare product and its usage. Since a lot of you must be suffering from a dull complexion, it might be because of overexposure to the sun, excessive sweating, or regular use of makeup. In summers most of us face the problem of a dull complexion, to save our skin from the sun and to make your skin tone one or two tones brighter it is recommended to use sunblock regularly and to use products that are enriched with vitamin c and antioxidants. Furthermore, These products not only help in protecting your skin from damage but also helps to overcome specific skin concerns.

L-ascorbic is a scientific name of vitamin c. There are so many vitamin c serums available in market that claims to give you brighter and spotless skin within few days, but most of them doesn’t effect much because the purest form of vitamin c is not used in those serums.

Serums that are dermatologically tested and have high concentration is most likely to work amazingly against complexion and gives you optimum results. The Ordinary L-ascorbic acid is one of the bestest vitamin c powders out there. A lot of you might not be familiar with the powder form of vitamin c. The Ordinary L-ascorbic acid is a pure form vitamin c and if you are suffering from painful acne or pimples then you must have to avoid this product.

What Should You Look For In A Vitamin C Serum?


L-ascorbic acid


10% to 20% concentrated

Combination of ingredients:

L-ascorbic acid, tocopherol (vitamin E) or glutathione, ferulic acid


Airless delivery in dark or tinted glass bottles.

Benefits of The Ordinary L-Ascorbic Acid:

  • Brighter Complexion
  • Helps against fine lines & wrinkles
  • Treats hyperpigmentation
  • Fade dark spots
  • Helps in increasing collagen production
  • Prevents premature aging
  • Vitamin C helps in treating sun damage

How To Use The Ordinary L-Ascorbic Acid Powder?

The Ordinary L-ascorbic acid is a high concentration product. L-ascorbuc acid powder only has to be used twice or thrice a week. As it has a powdered texture you need to mix it with a cream or lotion but make sure that you are using unscented cream or lotion to avoid any redness or reaction. You just need to mix a pea size amount of L-ascorbic powder into the cream/lotion mix it well and apply it all over your face and neck. Do not use this product in the daytime to get the best results out of it use this in your nighttime skincare routine and use a sunscreen with SPF 50 or above in the morning to avoid skin damage.

Are There Any Side Effects of L-Ascorbic Powder?

Vitamin C serums with high concentrations can irritate the skin. When retinol or other high concentrated acids are used along with vitamin c they can cause severe reactions. It can also increase photosensitivity, or sensitivity to sunlight, so always use sunscreen after applying vitamin C serum.

Where to Buy The Ordinary L-Ascorbic Acid Powder?

Finding an original and 100% authentic product online is a huge task. There are so many online pages selling The Ordinary skincare products but either the prices are too high or you might not be sure about the product’s originality. To make your online shopping easier Eshaistic brings a wide range of original The Ordinary products in the most reasonable rates. Whether you are looking for face serums, moisturizers, toners, or cleansers you can find it there. Moreover, if you shop above Rs3000 you will get free delivery all across Pakistan.

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