airless paint sprayer hose            

airless paint sprayer hose

The first thing I noticed about the Airless Spray Tank Moulding Sprayer is that it is an airless pump, which is great. The liquid paints fill it and there is no liquid coming out the other side, it’s all enclosed in the tank. As well as this the airless sprayer hose was made out of a super strong plastic.

I had such a hard time using airless sprayers when I had to spray paint paint the night before an event. Those things can be so difficult to clean, spraying it in a jacket is horrible as the paint will dry, airless paint sprayer hose are much easier. The sprayer nozzle is a small piston pump (paint is sprayed out through a hose) and the tank is plastic with a knob on the side. When I sprayed my paint into the tank the paint just flowed through the hose as it was an airless sprayer. I was absolutely blown away.

There were three screws on the side, I chose to remove all three for easy cleaning. The tank is completely airless and airless paint sprayer hose can be sprayed without any air.

The tank has a thick, smooth outer coating that is impossible to clean. The nozzle is very flexible and the nozzle falls off when it gets painted. On the outside of the nozzle there are a lot of spots where paint has dripped down. On the inside there are many more spots. I tried scraping down the paint spots with a paint brush and using some silicone paint mousse to get it off. It took lots of scraping and lots of paint remover. As well as this, if you didn’t clean the surface with paint remover before you sprayed it could cause paint to drip into the cracks and airless paint sprayer hose.

When I sprayed airless paint sprayer hose, there was no air flowing through it. The airless paint sprayer hose comes apart from the airless paint sprayer tank by folding down, pushing it in and then flipping it over. The bottom is completely smooth and paint just flows through. There is also a stick for cleaning the airless paint sprayer hose.

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