How the Brand Was Founded Amazing Lash Studio

What is it that makes what makes the Amazing Lash Studio brand so effective is our focus on making women appear and feel their most beautiful. Semi-permanent lashes are revolutionizing the how women view eye makeup . Women don’t have to fret about messy (and costly) mascara, or messy strips of glue. Natural, easy-to-care for and simple lash styles are shaking the beauty world while giving women confidence an extra boost.

This is why women choose to trust their faith in the Amazing Lash Studio brand, and come back time and time. We’re the leading brand in semi-permanent lash applications. Our experience is superior and includes private rooms as well as the application of lashes one-by-one We offer affordable, personalized eye enhancements for women all across the nation.

The Amazing Lash Studio brand is unrivalled in the industry.

Since its inception at the end of 2010 our Amazing Lash Studio brand has become one of the “category killer” in the extensions of the lash. With more than 260 locations all over the nation and across the world, we provide our clients an exciting franchise opportunity, backed by a subscription model that draws customers back time and time. We also provide a unique product line of lash care productsthat allow franchisees to diversify their income streams.

This model has proven to be beneficial when the COVID-19 epidemic swept across the U.S. It’s not just that our membership model help franchisees with a steady income during difficult times However, the increasing popularity of face masks has led to more demand for eyelash extension services, as more attention is placed upon the eye –or “beauty above the mask” as never before. Private rooms are providing studios with advantages in the midst of COVID-19 through automatic social distancing.

The Category Killer

one of the fastest growing franchises of the current decade: Amazing Lash Studio

We’ve been praised repeatedly by Entrepreneur Magazine on its highly sought-after Entrepreneur 500 list, jumping over 200 places on the list for 2021 to be named no. 99. Franchise Times also ranked us at No. 14 , on 2021’s Fast & Serious list, which ranks the fastest-growing franchise companies.

Amazing Lash Studio Brand Services Remain in High Demand

Our business has grown exponentially since the time we started in 2010, and we now have over 250 locations all over the United States.Based on market research firm Research Future Market Research Future, the growth of the market for false eyelashes is projected to grow 7.4 percent by 2024 and will be worth greater than 1.8 billion dollars at the close of 2024.

When looking at global data, North America was predicted to hold the highest market share at 36.78 percent and the production of eyelashes made by hand expected to grow at the fastest rate in the next five years to 2023. Additionally to this, America United States accounted for the largest market share in the time period 2017-2023.

The forecaster attributes this growth to the use of masks to reduce COVID-19 transmission initiative. Although women have cut down on cosmetics, they’ve put in additional attention to the eyes and eyes, which “have become the cornerstone of beauty.”

Other signs that women are beginning to pay at their eyes over the last year are:

  • More than 60 percent of Amazing Lash Studio brand’s guests are the first time users of mascara extensions. This is a sign of the growing potential that the company has to offer.
  • 40% of the new customers are referred to us by existing studio guests recommendations.
  • In a poll of more than 4,300 studio guests 57.4 percent of them said they “can’t image life without lashes” and “really enjoy having them.”
  • Our guests can relax in our stylishly-appointed studios with private treatments rooms.

Why Expand the Fastest-Growing Lash Franchise?

Brand Momentum
The Amazing Lash Studio brand has lots of room for growth across the country, however, it is also a tiny footprint that one city could be able to accommodate several locations. We’re the leading player in the field of eyelash extensions and are continuing to expand. We will continue to listen to our stylists and franchisees that inspired us to invent and expand into the business of eyebrows by offering a range of eyebrow products and services such as the best eyebrow embroidery singapore services. It’s an additional revenue stream for franchisees.

Proven Business Model

The membership model permits franchisees to earn to earn recurring income streams, which means our franchisees have a good chance of financial success. Our commitment to getting First to Market has brought amazing success to our owners too. Take that together with our emphasis on operations as well as recruitment and retention tools, and training, and you’ll see the reason we’re number one in this category.

Successful Formula

We have incorporated the most effective features of franchising in a package. We partner with the right people in the right system that provide a lot of support for the field and in training to provide an ideal blueprint for a business that is successful. The power of knowledge is in the mind, and that’s why they receive full training right from the start. They also have an extensive library of information and ongoing training to ensure that they are at all stages of the company in top shape.

performance invested heavily in our process for development. We’ll assist you at throughout the entire process starting from the moment you receive the license to opening your doors as fast as is possible, and helping ensure that everything is completed correctly. This means that you spend less time spent getting your studio up and running and more time taking advantage of the advantages of owning a business.

 Amazing Lash Studio locations are run by managers as well which means that the operational system and specific key performance indicators help our franchisees to pursue their goals without having to work at the studio all day long which allows them to have the flexibility and balance they need within their lives. All while helping women be beautiful and stunning every single day!

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