Tips for buying metal corner braces from wholesale companies

Metal corner braces are metal posts that hold up the roof’s edge and create intermediate support. They are also called roof brackets, corner supports, or braces. Metal corner braces provide more stiffness than the equivalent rafters but less than a whole truss. Metal corner braces come in two types: steel and aluminum. Aluminum is lighter and easier to install, but steel is more robust and durable when exposed to wet weather.

Tips for buying metal corner braces from wholesale companies

1. When you buy from a wholesale company, you can locate metal corner braces at a much lower price. If you buy from wholesalers, remember to check for your product’s warranty. If the warranty does not apply in your situation, you need to provide enough information to tell if any trade-in or credit options are available.

2. You have to compare prices offered by different wholesale companies with special discounts, promotion codes, or coupons. You should also compare their shipping cost and delivery time if it is free shipping.

3. You should know if the metal corner braces won’t have a warranty. If it does not, you can ask for a trade-in or credit to get one from the wholesale companies. If the metal corner braces only come with a general warranty, ensure that it covers enough parts of the product for its lifetime.

4. Make sure you check if there is any special deal or promotion code where you can get more changes to your order with a discount. You can always add accessories like wood screws and bolts with your orders since there are no shipping fees, and they are included in some wholesale companies’ price lists.

5. Before purchasing the metal corner braces from a wholesale company, please ask the company for their shipping information. You can check the time it will take for your order to arrive. The best time is when they say within a week or two since most will not offer free shipping on some of their products.

6. You should also include some more details at the time of purchasing the metal corner braces; if you have any specific requirements, in case they do not have what you need available, what substitutes can they provide, and if there are any other inspection procedures that you want to follow after receiving your order.

7. If you need to learn how to install the metal corner braces, you can ask the wholesale companies if they can provide a free installation kit.

8. Many companies will also offer different types of metal corner braces that you can choose from. You should compare different types of products and check the prices before purchasing them. They usually sell some products at significantly discounted prices if there is any promotion to get more orders.


Metal corner braces are essential to building and maintaining buildings or homes. They are used in buildings or homes as a support structure for the roof. Knowing the different types of metal corner braces and their functions is vital, so you can determine which one you need for your home. Metal corner braces can be easily found at different building supply stores and wholesale companies, and you can also purchase them online.

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