cheap vps

cheap vps

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

If your goal is to host your website and automate tasks using the Linux operating system, then you have the right tools at hand. And it’s not only because it’s cheap, but also because it’s really secure! By using a VPS server and Linux Virtual Server you can ensure that your website and the associated tools are secure, that your software is supported and so much more!

The setup

You will need:

1 vps (hosted)

1 vmware vmkernel (vserver)

The vhost or cheap vps server consists of one computer (the server), where you have a separate virtual machine (VM) hosted on it. The VM will have a bootable disk with Linux installed and ready to run.

The vkernel is the operating system on the server. It’s a tiny operating system of two VMs. One VM will be the server with Linux installed. The other VM will be a copy of the same version of Linux, but located on another server. So the two VMs will be running at the same time and it will look like there are two instances of Linux running on the server.

If you’re using a fast internet connection, the VPS hosting from skyhost will allow you to access your website from multiple locations and with a variety of internet connections (such as Wi-Fi and wireless). You have to pay a monthly fee (paid monthly), however, that depends on the configuration of your server. The price can vary significantly (from $4.90 (CAD) to $12.88 (CAD) per month).

Access to your servers

You can access your server either from a web browser or an administrative interface. Once you have a connection to your server, you have to setup a password. You can simply log in from any internet connection. It’s important that you can log in to your servers, as they contain your files, scripts and more.

For example, if you store your files on your servers, then you have to set up a password on your server, so you can access your files.

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