The Beginner’s Guide to Essay Writing Format

Writing a perfect and error-free college essay is crucial for students. It is not just about linearly listing the ideas related to your topic. Instead, writing an essay is about structuring it properly and writing it on the basis of a standard format. Following an essay writing format is extremely important because it adds beauty to your content and makes it understandable and readable for the audience. However, today’s students are not aware of the format they should follow for writing an essay. Also, it is not difficult to guess that you are one of those students.

Well, there is no need to worry. Writing an essay is not going to be a problem for you anymore. The reason is that today’s article is all about guiding students about the essay writing format. However, before moving on towards the format, let’s discuss what it is.

What does it mean by essay writing format?

An essay writing format is how you organise information in an essay. It has to do a lot with the presentation of the text. Basically, a format is all about how you should present the text in your essay. Formatting an essay right is the most important task because if your essay lacks presentation or it is poorly formatted, your readers will face difficulty in understanding its main topics. Hence, this is what formatting means in an essay.

Types of essay writing formats in use these days

There is no universal essay writing format that every student on this planet must follow. Every country and every school in this universe follows its own format. However, there are some formats which are standard and are followed over a large portion of this planet. A brief description of each format and its requirements is as follows:

1. American Psychological Association (APA) format

APA is the first and most widely used format for writing essays which are scientific. This style was developed by the American Psychological Association in 1892 by a small group of scientists. Currently, the 7th edition of this important essay writing format is in use. The guidelines for writing an essay based on this format are as follows:

First things first, the text of your essay should not be bigger than Times New Roman 12-point font size. There must be a one-inch margin on each side of the paper, and the text must be double-spaced. The short subject of the essay must be at the upper left-hand corner of the header, and the page number should be on the right hand of the header. The sources used to write the essay are mentioned in the “References” section.

2. Modern languages Association (MLA) format

The second most used format is known as MLA format. This format is quite common in the fields of humanities and social sciences. This style also has some strict guidelines to follow when it comes to writing an essay. If you are going to write an essay in this format, make sure that you follow the guidelines below:

When formatting an essay using MLA format, you should write the text in Times New Roman font style, and it should not be more than 12 pt font size. There must be double spacing between the text lines. Coming towards the pagination, you should give the page number in the header of the essay. The guideline about the essay page is that it must come at the centre of the essay. The sources that you have used for writing the essay are mentioned as “Work Cited.”

3. Chicago format

Lastly, the third most widely used essay writing format is known as the Chicago format. The writing guidelines of this format are similar to the ones mentioned above. This format is also known as the Turabian format of writing. So, if your teacher asks you to format the essay in Turabian format, it is clear that he is asking you to craft the essay in Chicago format. However, the guidelines for this style are as follows:

First of all, the font size that you should use should be 12 points, and the font style should be Times New Roman. When it comes to the spacing between the text lines, it should be double. The page number must come in the running header of the essay. As far as the margins are concerned, you should give a one-inch margin on both the left and right sides of the essay paper. In Chicago format, the references come in the “bibliography.” When mentioning your references, make sure that you follow alphabetical order.

Hence, these are the guidelines for the Chicago format. If you still have any questions left, go to an essay writing service, buy essay online, and see how it is formatted.


To sum up, an essay writing format is a way of organising and presenting information effectively. Therefore, you must format the essay by following a standard format. The three most commonly used formats are given above. So, read the guidelines for using those formats and format your essay accordingly.

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