3 Reasons to Visit a Couples Therapy Retreat in Colorado

If you’re in a relationship and want to improve your connection with your partner, couples therapy may be just the solution you need. For those outside of Colorado, though, the process of planning a trip can seem overwhelming—but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you live in couples therapy retreat Colorado or elsewhere, these three reasons should help convince you that it’s worth visiting one of our couple’s therapy retreats this year.

The Scenery

Colorado is one of the most beautiful states in the U.S. with snow-capped mountains, green valleys, and red rocks. With so many stunning landscapes and activities, it’s no wonder that Colorado is one of America’s top destinations for couples therapy retreats. From Aspen to Estes Park, there are many options for relaxing vacations with your spouse or significant other. Many retreats offer guided sessions or lectures on topics such as communication skills, conflict resolution strategies, and mindfulness exercises that can help strengthen relationships while away from home. While staying at a couples therapy retreat in Colorado you can also take advantage of some enjoyable pastimes like hiking, horseback riding, biking, fishing and more! Be sure to check out Rocky Mountain National Park, one of America’s largest national parks. The high altitude combined with dramatic mountain views provide a breathtaking backdrop for your marriage retreat in Colorado.

The Therapists

We get it. Marriage can be tough, and it’s often hard to know what to do when you’re feeling stuck. That’s why we created the Colorado Marriage Retreat – an intimate, exclusive experience that allows couples the space and time they need for deep conversations, reflection and introspection. Our program is designed for couples who are serious about their relationship, but just need that little push. At the retreat, they will have private therapy sessions with our team of experts in addition to spending quality one-on-one time together in nature. They’ll learn new skills for communicating effectively, managing conflict constructively, enhancing intimacy and strengthening relationships. And most importantly: They’ll leave reenergized, revitalized and ready to take on life together.

The Location

Retreats are often thought of as the time and space for people who are struggling with addiction or other life challenges. But many retreat centers offer programming that is geared towards couples therapy. The marriage retreat Colorado is one such place, where you’ll find a variety of programs for couples looking to work on their marriages. One option includes a marriage immersion experience. You will be immersed in marriage education workshops, relationship exercises and counseling throughout your stay at the retreat center – which could last anywhere from five days to two weeks depending on what level of engagement you desire. A week-long workshop might cover topics like communication skills, stress management, family dynamics and conflict resolution. You may also want to sign up for a specific topic of interest, such as Creating More Love in Your Marriage or Becoming Closer: Sex & Intimacy. For those wanting something less intensive, marriage weekends are available. These include weekend workshops, day and evening activities and accommodations for just $199 per couple. And if you’re more interested in finding out about the retreat experience before signing up, there’s always a chance to attend an open house event first!

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