What Are Crystal Hair Removers Made Of? 

Crystal hair Remover

Science has made jaw-dropping discoveries our ancestors never would have thought possible: the moon landing, life-saving heart transplants, and the internet – perhaps the most reliable technology that made hyper-connectivity feasible. 

Why, then, haven’t we yet been able to discover a hassle-free method to get rid of vexing body hair? 

We vividly remember gritting our teeth, ripping hair down there, or irritating our skin due to razor burns. 

Fortunately, a handy device called a crystal hair remover has recently gone mainstream as a pain-free alternative to traditional shaving and waxing – thanks to TikTok. 

But how does it help remove hair, and what is it made of? Here’s a quick guide addressing the most common queries about the product. 

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What Is a Crystal Hair Remover? 

A crystal hair remover is a small hand-held device with a flat side covered in a crystal bar. Rubbing it on your skin is all it takes to remove body hair

No, it isn’t painful, and yes, it offers a practical and effortless way to get rid of hair. 

You’d be surprised to know that the hashtag #crystalhairremover has over 60 million views on TikTok. 

That highlights how concerned people are about seeking painless body hair removal methods and how many have tried the device to discover its efficacy. 

What Is It Made Of? 

The sticky wax works to rip our hair off our bodies. Likewise, thioglycolic acid, the active ingredient in hair removal creams, is the secret formula to break down keratin and soften our hair. 

But what is a crystal hair remover made of, and how does it help buff away hair? The device contains premium-quality crystal sheets to remove dead skin cells and body hair. 

The etched crystal surface helps clump the hair and break it from the skin as you move the device on your body. This helps remove the hair at the follicle opening, giving you smooth skin. 

Directions for Use

You are required to rub the product on damp skin. Hence, using it after a bath or shower is ideal. Hold the device and rub it on the target area at a moderate intensity. 

After a few minutes, your hair will start to fall off as you move the device in circular motions. As a rule of thumb, you must use it every week to achieve smooth, hairless skin. 

However, once every 2 weeks will do if you want to procrastinate on hair removal. 

After all, we all have days when we decide to wear leggings to work or cancel our visits to beaches. 

Crystal Hair Remover Benefits 

The best crystal hair remover does more than just remove your hair. A look into some benefits of the tool reveals why it’s all the rage these days. 

Easy to Use

There’s nothing more intriguing than knowing hair removal can be made easier. The strong odors of chemical-based hair remover creams and endless waiting to soften the hair pleases none. Likewise, building the courage to rip the wax strip off the skin becomes daunting. 

Luckily, the crystal tool offers a convenient way to get rid of body hair. You only need to rub the device against your skin to remove unwanted hair and dead skin cells. 

Functional Design 

The ergonomic design allows you to hold the tool seamlessly and reach all the hard-to-reach areas of your body. 

You do not need to cramp your hands when removing hair from different body parts. Simply hold the device and gently move it on your skin’s surface to let the hair fall off.  

Ultra Fine Sheet

The tool features a premium quality crystal sheet that removes hair from the skin surface effortlessly. Since it doesn’t feature chemicals, the tool is gentle on your skin and keeps it from itching. 

Besides, the first-grade sheet prevents the risk of ingrown hair, which is expected after using standard hair removal methods. 

Painless Hair Removal

Hair removal is infamous for being painful, but it doesn’t have to be. Luckily, crystal hair remover has revolutionized the concept of removing body hair. 

The tool doesn’t burn your skin like hair removal creams nor rips hair apart from the root like waxing. Instead, a gentle rub is all it takes to get rid of body hair. 


The days of time-consuming fumbling with wax strips, shaving, and exfoliating in the shower are over. Crystal hair remover lets you remove body hair within minutes. In fact, it’s an all-in-one package. 

The ultra-fine crystal pads exfoliate your skin as the hair comes off. Besides, you do not need electricity or batteries to operate the device – a win-win. 

Is Crystal Hair Remover Safe? 

Since hair removal often results in itching, burning, or the notorious ingrown hair, people are concerned about whether crystal hair remover has side effects or is safe to use. 

Since the tool features premium materials and glass, it offers a smooth surface, making it a safe product. You can confidently swap traditional hair removal methods for a more reliable and convenient tool.  

That’s a Wrap! 

Although we’ve embraced many atypical fashion trends like unibrows and freckles, rarely has anyone taken pride in body hair. 

Man has sought convenience in everything since the dawn of time, and hair removal is no exception. Gladly, it’s time to ditch the old-school and painful hair-removing methods and embrace the newer trend – crystal hair remover. 

The handy tool, made of premium crystal sheets, effortlessly removes body hair, giving you healthier, finer skin. 


Does Crystal Hair Remover Work? 

Crystal hair remover works wonders to remove unwanted body hair and exfoliate the skin. 

The device features a grade sanding sheet that lets hair come off your body seamlessly. You only need to gently rub the tool in circular motions and let it do the trick. 

Can You Use Crystal Hair Remover On Private Parts? 

You can use crystal hair remover on private parts. However, not many experts recommend it. 

That’s primarily because a few products work differently for sensitive areas. You can, however, test the tool’s efficacy on the bikini line and underarms. If it works, you’re more than welcome to try it. 

Is Crystal Hair Remover Better than Shaving?

Crystal hair remover is better than shaving since it leaves you with smooth skin and makes the hair less noticeable once it grows back. 

Hair growing after shaving has blunt edges, making them visibly apparent. However, when using a crystal hair remover, your hair grows back like normal hair and is often less obvious.

What Are Some Crystal Hair Remover Side Effects? 

Crystal hair remover has no side effects since it doesn’t feature harsh chemicals. 

Hair remover creams often burn the skin because they contain acids and chemicals. Likewise, waxing often causes redness and temporary bumps. However, crystal hair remover offers a safe alternative and removes your hair without adverse side effects.

How Long Do Crystal Hair Removers Last?

The lifespan of a crystal hair remover depends upon the brand. However, you can expect the tool to last anywhere between 3-4 years. 

Make sure you purchase the device from a renowned brand and check its reputation in the industry. You can always visit the company’s official website to read customer reviews and get an idea. 

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