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Hi fellow gamers, what do you think of the charms? Is there anything more that can be done in this space? Do you have any ideas of what you’d like to see, or just a little bit of charm charm to share? Email me at If your response is useful and we’re in agreement, we’ll be happy to release it on our blog!

You’ve already discovered that the Charm’s NoMOD that NoMod currently uses are very powerful. Some gamers have come to love them because they can do so much. Others aren’t so impressed, and they feel it’s time for a refresh on the game. To create an even more effective charm s, we would like to introduce the NoMod Charm s!

With this new charm s, you will have greater control over all the charms you wish to use. You’ll have the power to use charms in any order, to reposition them as you wish, and you’ll be able to access more charms than you ever dreamed of. For instance, you could turn Charm Mapper Plus into a game changer.

If this all sounds interesting, please email with your comments, ideas, and wants! We’d like to hear your thoughts.

Unfortunately, we cannot create charm s for NoMod Online without the proper permissions from the Wizards of the Coast licensing department. We’d rather not go this route, but unfortunately, there’s nothing else that will work. If you’d like to create a charm s that does not require approval from the licensing department, we will gladly add it to our blog.

Powerful charm s for NoMod Online

Here are the first four charms we’ve created to be included in NoMod Online. (If you have suggestions on other charms you’d like to see included, please email

We hope you enjoy these new charm s and that they help to improve the experience for all the NoMod Online players.

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