A Guide to Fix iPhone Not Sending Texts to Android issue

iphone can't text android

An iPhone is a very useful device and some may even consider that this device is the best device out of all the smartphones available right now. However, even after so much popularity, the users of the iPhone have often complained about different issues that they face while using an iPhone. There are different issues that the users of iPhone face and one of the most common issues that they face while using an iPhone is cant text Android from iPhone

This issue can be very problematic as most people these days use Android phones and it can be very important for people to make sure that their iPhone sends text to Android devices. If you are also someone who is facing the same issue then, you do not need to worry in the guide, we are going to tell you about some simple and quick methods that can be used by you to fix this issue on your device.

Quick Fixes to Fix iPhone not sending a text to Android error

If you wondering why is my iPhone not sending text messages to Android then, let me tell you that there can be multiple reasons for the same, however, right now you need to focus on the methods that you can use to fix this issue so that you can send messages from your device to Android mobile phones.

1. Check the message settings

If your iPhone is not sending messages then the main reason behind this can be the configuration of message settings on your device. You need to make sure that your iPhone has been configured to send messages to other devices apart from iOS. You will find the feature in the settings option where you need to turn on the ‘Send an SMS’ option. 

2. Turn off the Airplane mode

Most features of an iPhone only work when the device is connected to the internet and the messages also fall in the same category, so if your iPhone not sending texts to Android then, you need to make sure whether the airplane mode of your device is turned off. If the airplane mode is on then, you will not be able to send any message to any device.

3. Restart your device

Another very effective method that you can try is to close and then start your device again. While many people think that this method is useless, allow me to tell you that starting a device often fixes any technical error or glitch that your iPhone may be facing and this error can be the reason why you are facing this issue. 

4. Reset the network settings of your iPhone

The network settings of your mobile phone are very important for any SIM-related function. And that is why if the network settings of your device are not correct then you will not be able to send messages from it. If you want to resolve the issue then, you need to reset the network settings of your iPhone from the settings of the device.

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