House Building Service on the Moon

Using the lunar soil for house building service on the moon is one of the most promising ideas for future space exploration. The lunar soil has many qualities that would make it an ideal material for use in a house. The soil can protect us from solar flares, and it can also be a good source of building materials.

Protection against solar flares

Despite the fact that Earth’s atmosphere provides some protection against solar flares, astronauts in space are still vulnerable to solar energetic particles. These events, which are associated with big solar flares, can affect spacecraft, technology, systems, and even humans. Luckily, early warnings of space weather events are often available to help protect astronauts onboard a spacecraft, allowing them to plan high-risk activities before a threat becomes too serious.

When the Sun emits electromagnetic energy, it affects both the dayside and nightside of the Earth. However, all electromagnetic emissions from the Sun are reduced at the solar minimum epoch. These include radio blackouts, scintillations, and ionization. The intensity of these impacts is increased when the amount of charged particles increases, as in the case of solar flares.

The number of times a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) is launched during the solar cycle varies, with the most frequent event occurring near the solar maximum. Some CMEs are ejected away from the sun and do not affect nearby technologies.

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