Diabetic Neuropathy – Diagnosis and Treatment

Skin care for diabetic

Diabetic neuropathy can often result in severely dry skin that itches. You can treat these bothersome skin changes with proper skin care for diabetics. Unfortunately, having diabetes can lead to your skin developing deepening cracks and even bleeding. Due to these cracks, there is a higher chance of getting a major illness if not treated … Read more

7 Ayurvedic tips to keep lungs healthy

7 Ayurvedic tips to keep lungs healthy

7 Ayurvedic Treatments To Help Keep Your Lungs Healthy Air pollution is a threat to people of all ages and genders. Even those who are healthy, causing various respiratory illnesses. Ayurvedic treatments can aid in keeping your lungs in good health. Due to their greater vulnerability, people of all ages are at a higher risk. … Read more